Artisanal nutrition courtesy Gouri’s Goodies.

20180227_182857‘Energy’ has been the buzz word for quite some time now, right? One can, on a daily basis hear people speaking about feeling low/high on energy and their need for boost in energy levels and so on. Ask a mother and she will share her own biography on ‘Energy’ .In these fast paced times, we look for quick fixes to all these needs and  often reach out to the unhealthy options easily available on the shelves. Some of them may provide us with an instant boost of energy but result in a sluggish us a few hours thenceforth. To add to our misery, we keep reading articles on how we need to stay off anything that’s packed and feel guilty looking at all those stacked packets in our houses.  I do. But let’s face it, however true may that be, it is impossible to entirely eliminate ready to eat foods to serve as snacks. We need them. We all do. If only people in the food industry vowed to do their best to produce and make available the healthiest eating options to us. Ready to eat packaged food should not be a problem if it’s ingredient list is good along with harmless/no preservatives. I am always on the lookout for such brands and have fortunately come across a few in my blogging journey. One such brand is ‘Gouri’s Goodies’. Loving this alliteration. Continue reading