20171116_175709If you have been reading my posts you should have a fairly good idea that I am very particular about what goes into my skin so you can well imagine the care I take of my baby’s skin. Even when it came to wipes, I was always hunting for alcohol and fragrance free wipes with minimal ingredients and did find a few in Dubai but they were pretty expensive. MAMA EARTH heard me I guess and they have introduced India’s first ORGANIC BAMBOO BASED WIPES. I am simply elated!

Price: Rs 249 for a pack of 72 wipes.

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20171030_140126Mothers are the most anxious species on earth.Period. “My baby isn’t eating enough”, : My daughter is surely calcium deficient”, “ How do I know if he is getting all nutrients?”, “ Don’t give a candy to my kid!”. Familiar enough?

Super Gummy has come up with a solution to resolve some of the above problems- A range of chewable multi vitamins!

Before we move on to the details of what these are, let’s first talk about who should be taking them. Continue reading


Are you an expectant mother? Here’s what they don’t tell you!

So you have just fulfilled the ‘every girl’s dream’ of a fancy wedding, and a fancier honeymoon and are not even done wearing the newly married colours and dresses and there are still restaurants with romantic ambiences waiting to  be ticked off your list when you start getting greeted by the dreaded “khush khabri kab hai?”. Actually not fair to call it dreaded as I take the risk to assumptively say that most married women do also dream of having a baby of their own.

But have you noticed that the ones who ask this question are usually not your close loved ones. Not that our loved ones aren’t eagerly waiting for our offspring ,of course they are the most, but generally they want us to enjoy our newly married bliss state for a while before we hop onto the never ending journey called  ‘parenthood’. Continue reading


SALT ESCAPE, Mumbai. Worth it’s SALT?

From the outside, this place does not give you a slight hint of the wonders it contains. ‘Less is more, we believe’, says the lively Kamal as she guides us through the entire place. The contemporary interiors with neutral tones are tastefully done and the place is impeccably clean. We are made to wear our hair and feet covers and shown the three therapy rooms.

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What is in my product? What is in ‘Sudocrem Antiseptic healing cream’?

Sudocrem is the Holy Grail cream for many mothers when it comes to treating their babies’ rashes. It also claims to treat Eczema, surface wounds, sunburn , minor burns, acne ,bed sores and chilblains. Let’s get straight to the ingredients list to see what this famous product is made up of and weather you need to stock it up or toss that current jar into the bin.

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What’s in my product? What’s in my ‘Chicco Dentifricio toothpaste in Apple Banana flavour’- 6 months up.

Chicco offers many wonderful baby products. I have tried their baby lotion, gentle baby shower wash and shampoo, and  we are currently using their sunscreen for kids and their toothpaste. They have two variants in the toothpastes, one in the strawberry flavour for babies 12 months up and the other is the one I am reviewing today.20170906_175048

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What’s in my product?What’s in ‘MUSTELA Gentle Cleansing Gel for hair and body’

It’s Saturday and I am back with a What’s in my Product” post. Today ‘s brand Mustela is close to my heart as it was one of the first few things that were bought for my baby Hanifa and this one was picked up by her Abba from his Dubai trip and is now a part of her bath staple.


To be honest, when I first went through the ingredients of this one ( With my ‘Mommy’ eye magnifying glass on), I was skeptical about using this on my little baby. But then I put my ‘RESEARCHER HAT’ on and was pretty surprised! Read on till the end to know what is it that surprised me! Continue reading


What’s in my product? What’s in “Mothercare – All we know baby lotion”

You’ve probably heard about all the hidden chemicals and health risks surrounding so many of the beauty and skin care products on the market, but what exactly are they and will you ever be able to put on that baby lotion or your eye cream again in peace without wondering if you’re poisoning your body? I have got you sorted there.

I have decided to use my precious spare time to write comprehensive yet simple reviews of products specially baby stuff so that together we are equipped to make the right choices.


The below three words will often be used hence I have given their meaning here. Most of the ingredients in this review fall into either of these categories.

  • Emollient : A preparation that softens the skin by reducing water loss from the epidermis, the outer layer of skin. 
  • Petroleum :  An oily flammable  liquid,which occurs in many places in the upper strata of the earth, and can be extracted and refined to produce fuels including petrol, paraffin, and diesel oil.
  • Emulsifier :Two or more liquids together create an emulsion if the liquids do not mix. For example, if you add oil to water, the oil floats on the surface of the water. To stop the two liquids separating, we need a substance called an emulsifier.

You should know that any label reads the ingredients in the descending order of their quantity. i.e the first ingredient is used in the highest amounts and the last ingredient, the least.

Let’s get straight to the ingredients , what they are and whether you should use the final product. Continue reading


Review: ‘Fig-O-Honey’ pocket cloth diaper.

As a first time mother to be, I never understood all the ballyhoo over diapering. Yet, not be left out on anything, I went to all the baby shops I could locate in my vicinity and beyond, and bought all sorts of fancy cloth diapers in all the various possible colours ,the super soft organic ones, the regular cotton ones,the one with that tacky plastic on the outside, the double layered ones ,the small, the medium ,you name it I bought it. And then baby Hanifa was born and all of this took a long vacation as in the hospital they used … yes, a disposable diaper. A diaper of a brand I didn’t even know existed. The nurse would clean Hanifa’s tiny bum and strap on that thing. Wow. So simple. And who minds simple easy work, not a new sleep deprived mother for sure! And so began the diaper journey with Pampers at home. But I am not done as a mother yet.

I kept on switching to the cloth diapers I had bought with so much love and weight (I was a walking human elephant that time). And then with all the stuff Google throws at your face everyday, I came across fancy pocket cloth diapers with a cloth inner side, a polyester outside and absorbent liners to be inserted in the pockets inside them.

Now you’ll wonder why I didn’t buy them when I boasted of buying all sorts of diapers. Reason one, I didn’t see them in the shops I went to (now I do), secondly and most importantly, I was apprehensive of how far the elastic at the leg opening would dig into my baby’s soft skin. But Fig-O-Honey helped clear all my doubts when they sent in their pocket diaper and wet&dry diaper bag for review.

All you need to know about FIG-O-HONEY:

“Fig-O-Honey cloth diapers are eco-friendly, reusable, gentler on the baby’s skin and gentler on the environment. We are passionate about cloth diapering and believe in keeping cloth diapering accessible and affordable by providing world class, high quality products at unbeatable prices.” Continue reading


The shampoo that cost me an arm and a leg-Literally!

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Yes. It did.
How, you ask? Because not only did I walk miles in Dubai Mall to get to the Bloomingdales Store to purchase Rahua (pronounced as Rah-waa) , but all of this holding Baby Hanifa in my arms, as she just refuses to rest her bum in a pram !
Let’s start the review with the good part. It claims to give you nice bouncy weightless hair. Oh yeah, it did make me feel weightless as it emptied a good 210 Dirhams (Around 4000 Indian Rupees) from my wallet. Can you feel any lighter with zero money left in your purse? As for the hair, never mind, no bouncy hair there but weightless again for sure if I continued using it and lost most part of my hair due to all the stressing out because a 4000 rupees shampoo let you down.

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It also claims to strengthen hair and provide a mood – calming experience. Hair strengthening I am not pretty sure of, but yes it does give a luxurious aromatherapy bath experience with a beautiful blend of a citrusy and nutty fragrance. Continue reading