Welcome to ‘thelyricalmomma’.


I equate babies with hyms of the purest forms and coupled with my love for composing short verses was born ‘thelyricalmomma’.

I’m Maria Islam and this little website is the outcome of my analytical self.(Be it good or bad).I hold a Masters Degree in English Literature and also a Bachelors Degree in Education.I also hold a post graduate diploma in Human Resource Management( Yeah,when did I enjoy the fun youth days Lord! )

I have taught in many reputed schools and also a college of Mumbai over the past 8 years and quit when I planned to become a mother. I joined again after my dear Hanifa was 7 months old but I felt it would be unfair to the school and my baby if I gave half of me to each of them as they paid me in full ( School in salary and baby with the cuddles,coos and poops).

So the current plan is ( Any mommy reading knows well that there is no such thing as ‘a definite plan’ with a baby in the house), to share product reviews ( a lot of them since I am your compulsive shopper suffering from  monomania, defined as frequent preoccupation with buying or impulses to buy), document my baby’s life a bit,( Yes , only ‘a bit’ as this momma teaching kids about giving up superstitions still believes in nazar or the evil eye), keeping you updated on kids events happening in Mumbai, and some posts on style trends and makeup(Read LIPSTICK- I think my husband can get away with two consecutive all boys road trips if he comes and gifts me four..ok, three good lipsticks!) On a serious note, I hope he is not reading.