Instil responsibility in your child & get things done by making their own ‘Task chart’.

Hello after months!

I have to admit maintaining your own blog is not an easy feat and I find it really tough to take time out to write here. Honestly, maybe I can do it if I really want to, but I always feel there are other things that have priority in my life at this stage, than using my time to write here . In fact, it’s time for my blog renewal and I am in two minds about continuing with it. Instagram serves as a good platform for quick content but I am still considering renewal, so let’s see!

Coming to today’s DIY , I am not too big a fan of DIY. I do things myself only if I feel they need that personalisation or if it’s worth saving on that particular object/project. And this DIY task chart served both so here you go.

Why make this chart?

I came across a few similar chore/task charts on social media and liked the idea of having a task chart where the kid and the parent could see the ‘to do ‘ list for the day and go about putting them in the ‘done’ section , I thought it would really help with procrastination as well as make the child happily want to do those tasks and come back to put them under ‘done’.  You will mostly find people using cookie trays for this but I came up with something more functional and minimalistic. Also, there are a few brands that also make such charts for you but I feel they are too small, with very general tasks which may not be applicable to all kids and they are pretty expensive!

How do you make the task chart?

You will need the following things:

  1. A magnetic sheet that’s adhesive on the other side. ( From Amazon)
  2. A packet of magnets in small size.
  3. A decorative tape.
  4. Alphabet stickers.
  5. Fevi kwik.
  6. A colour print out of the tasks you choose for your child.
  7. A place to get that sheet laminated and cut.


Step 1: Order the magnetic sheet or buy it from a local store if you know where you can get one. When this arrives, put it up by sticking it on a wall accessible to your kid and also at a spot that’s within sight easily through the day. Divide the sheet into 2 halves and label them as ‘To do’ and ‘Done’ using the alphabet stickers.


Step 2: Make a list of all the tasks you wish to be done by your kid in the day. I used ‘Microsoft word’ to create this and added appropriate pictures to each task as kids love pictures and my little one can’t read yet.

Step 3: Take a print out of the tasks and get them laminated and cut into square shapes. Using fevi kwik, stick a magnet to each of these task cutouts.

Step 4. Done. Put these tasks in the ‘ to do ‘ section and watch your kid complete each chore and put them under ‘ done’ excitedly. You will have to help them for the first few attempts as well as remind them each day to use them.





My daughter immediately got her blanket, folded it and kept it at it’s place. She then went on to keep her toys back in their place and was really excited to complete each task. Kids love to be given responsibility and take pleasure in the sense of achievement after each task goes in the ‘done’ section 🙂

The best part about making your own chart is you can keep updating the tasks as per your family’s current needs and keep personalising them. The whole project cost me around  Rs 460 which isn’t bad at all. I intend to make one for myself too!

The tasks I chose for my daughter are as following. You can take ideas from these and add your own too!

  1. Brush in the morning.
  2. Brush at night.
  3. Keep toys away.
  4. Fold blanket/ clothes.
  5. Eat one meal yourself.
  6. Eat 2 fruits.
  7. Arabic/Islam time.
  8. Take a bath
  9. Outdoor playtime.
  10. Reading time.

Word of caution: Fevi kwik ka jod sambhalke please!


Let me know if you have any queries in the comments section. Also, tell me what tasks would you put on your kid’s chart!

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