Healthy weight loss tips and tricks I learnt from my consultations with 4 nutritionists!

A post on how I dealt with pregnancy weight is one I have been meaning to write since the longest time. Thanks to ‘Get Fit Stay Fit with Bonhappetee blog chain’ introduced to me by Mandavi from anurbannomadic, I finally decided to share some ideas  that most nutritionists share on healthy weight loss. I have been to 4 to 5 nutritionists and found that it is these tricks that always work. 

  1. Start your day with warm water : You may choose to flavour it with lemon, cinnamon, or cumin, all of which aid in keeping the stomach clean.
  2. Your 3 main meals must be balanced: In simple words, each meal should consist of carbs (chapati or rice), proteins ( pulses, chicken/fish/ curd) and fibre(vegetables). Carb less diet, keto diet , blah blah diet doesn’t work!
  3. Portion control is inevitable: Go get those simple measuring cups and stick to only 1 bowl (200ml) or 1 katori (100 ml), – depending on your goal and journey- of each of the 3 components (carbs, fibre and protein). It is difficult when you begin and you might feel slightly hungry, but 2 days and your body gets used to the new portion size.
  4.  Even if you can’t plan your main meals, PLAN YOUR SNACKS! : For the simple reason that it is easier to find a balanced meal in any restaurant by making the right choices but very difficult to find the right healthy snack and in those peak hunger hours we tend to reach for anything that’s easily available. So MAKE THE RIGHT SNACK ITEMS AVAILABLE for yourself. Example : Carrot sticks with hummus, a fruit, non flavoured yoghurt with walnuts or raisins, dry bhel, roasted makhana, khakra etc.
  5.  Don’t underestimate the power of daily tasks involving movement! You climbed a good flight of stairs, you taught your child how to swim, you hid behind the chair repeatedly only to be caught by a toddler, you danced with the child, you deep cleaned a section of your  house, all of this is exercise! So feel good that you did something and try to add to the overall calories burnt by adding some more if needed so that the body gets at least a good 45 minutes of movement. So if you cleaned the house for say 30 minutes and were almost about to sweat, walk inside the house for another 10 minutes and then head for a shower!
  6.  Don’t suddenly give up your favourite treat: Of course if it is gobbling down 2 pieces of cake in a week then you should cut it down gradually, but say you are a biscuit addict (like me), just cut down the number.No harm in having it as long as you are eating wisely for most of the day.

Keep faith in your body. It loves you back. Just respect yourself and what you put into it and  make small but important changes in your life and slowly they shall become a way of life.

I hope these tips make sense to you and help you in kick-starting your fitness journey. Please let me know in the comments below if you would like more snack or meal ideas and I would be happy to share whatever I know .

Also, do check out Mayuri’s fitness journey and get further inspired!

I am so glad I am participating in the ‘Get Fit, Stay Fit’ blog party with Bon Happetee!Get-Fit-E280A8Stay-Fit

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19 thoughts on “Healthy weight loss tips and tricks I learnt from my consultations with 4 nutritionists!

  1. Shiamak Dawar, the dance maestro once said, “You’ve got to love and respect your body, for your body to respect and love you back” Your post reminded me of those words. Very inspiring post.


  2. Wow, Maria, what a transformation! I am glad you did it for yourself. I loved all your points – but I absolutely love the idea of not giving up your favourite foods suddenly. Lose weight wisely, not by taking drastic measures.


  3. I really like the way you have laid down such important points in such a simple way. I so agree with you and am going to refer to your explanations for doing what we do on each of these, in my discussions. Thanks!


  4. These are really great tips and I agree we need to maintain balance, it is all about eating healthy and doing regular exercise.


  5. I think I will have to see you soon, Maria. The pictures say a lot about your fitness journey. you are right that we underestimate the efforts we put in the household chores, it certainly helps in overall fitness.


  6. The one thing which I am guilty of is having arbitrary stuff for snacks. I like the point you made there. It is something that one really needs to control. No point in having a balanced diet if you don’t control the snacking.


  7. I agree, Maria.

    All the snack options you’ve mentioned are pretty easy to get started with. And yes, the first kilo you lose upon following a change is just beyond a euphoric feeling!

    Lovely post!


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