Artisanal nutrition courtesy Gouri’s Goodies.

20180227_182857‘Energy’ has been the buzz word for quite some time now, right? One can, on a daily basis hear people speaking about feeling low/high on energy and their need for boost in energy levels and so on. Ask a mother and she will share her own biography on ‘Energy’ .In these fast paced times, we look for quick fixes to all these needs and  often reach out to the unhealthy options easily available on the shelves. Some of them may provide us with an instant boost of energy but result in a sluggish us a few hours thenceforth. To add to our misery, we keep reading articles on how we need to stay off anything that’s packed and feel guilty looking at all those stacked packets in our houses.  I do. But let’s face it, however true may that be, it is impossible to entirely eliminate ready to eat foods to serve as snacks. We need them. We all do. If only people in the food industry vowed to do their best to produce and make available the healthiest eating options to us. Ready to eat packaged food should not be a problem if it’s ingredient list is good along with harmless/no preservatives. I am always on the lookout for such brands and have fortunately come across a few in my blogging journey. One such brand is ‘Gouri’s Goodies’. Loving this alliteration.

The moment you visit their website, you somehow get a feel of the positivity and thoughtfulness that goes into the making of this brand. You feel that happy, positive and honest vibe and it manifests itself in their products too. Sure it comes from the founder Gouri’s passion for food and healthy living. Keeping it real and honest, she makes nutritious and delicious energy cereal mixes, energy bars, ladoos, crumbles and MINI bites in flavours such as dark chocolate, orange chocolate and even pepper to keep a balance between what’s required and what’s wanted. Isn’t that how life should be? Wholesome goodness with some indulgence, truly my way for sure!

Let me take you through what Gouri’s Goodies make and what makes them the awesome goodies that they are:

  1. Cereal Mixes: They have 5 variants in the cereal mixes and each of them is handcrafted with natural ingredients with no additives and preservatives. Priced at Rs 295 for 350 gms, they have a shelf life of 9 months. Each of them is a powerhouse by itself and can be consumed not only for breakfast with milk or curd but also as a snack by itself. Surely the best bet when you have a sudden hunger pang and there’s still time for the next proper meal. I tried the ‘Rice Power’ variant and loved how the rice crispies , poha and almonds add a power crunch along with the slight sweetness of palm jaggery. But my favourite is the ‘Mighty Oats’ with oats and cornflakes along with the sweetness of honey to kick start the day! I am looking forward to try the Quinoa variant next. To be honest, since I never really did introduce rice flakes and other crispies to Hnaifa, she will still take time to the taste and texture of this but it’s a hit with the adults in the house!20180227_182611


    Rice Power Cereal


  1. Energy Bars: The idea of an energy bar is of course to provide you with energy and that means supply you with calories. These calories need to be devised in a specific way in order to be maximally effective. If the bar is just filled with sugar – a quick release carb – then this will cause you to run out of energy soon. Gouri’s Goodies has curated a perfect balance in each of it’s energy bar variant.                                    So while the palm jaggery and honey variant uses oats, cornflakes ,jumbo oats, almonds,flaxseeds,sesame seeds,oat bran and amaranth to provide fibre and energy with honey and palm jaggery for sweetening, the dates and chia variant uses amaranth puffs, rice crispies, watermelon seeds,sunflower seeds,sesame and chia seeds for fibre and energy and dates for sweetness. Oats and almond is light and fluffy and my daughter’s favourite! Now these are bars which you don’t mind your child munching on and would be rather happy if they do!

    That’s my little girl enjoying her bar.Can’t decide who is happier, me or her.


  1. Mini Bites: The same energy bars in mini versions! So cute are these little babies that it’s heart breaking to eat them! Perfect for travel and gifting. Revolutionize class gifting by distributing these healthy bites in class on your kid’s birthday instead of the nutritionally devoid chocolates and be the smart parent that you are.

    From all of those options like milk chocolate, orange and dark chocolate, dates and chia etc, my favourite is the Belgian Dark Chocolate.


    Yummy oats and almonds and the works topped with a layer of dark chocolate. Could there be another snack so healthy yet inviting?


  1. Happy Ladoos: The same wholesome goodness in the form of ladoos, only with some extra crunch of dry fruits! So let’s keep the tradition going of gifting ‘ladoos’ minus the unwanted sugar and ghee! With flavours like orange, coconut, cinnamon and pepper ladoos, there is something for everyone! I love the orange chocolate ladoo with it’s generous dose of dry fruits combined with the chocolate and the subtle citrusy hint. With ladoos as healthy as these, even the most fitness conscious family member would want to give them a try, and the others can devour the ladoos minus the lecture from the former on the ‘unhealthy mithai’! Another novelty in gifting!20180227_183211



Whom is it for?

I think it’s for everyone and for every occasion. Be it a companion for your kid’s lunchbox, your quick office snack, gym buddy, festive gift or daily dose of tasty nutritious cereal, Gouri’s Goodies has got you covered! Gift a hamper of these products and rest assured your gift shall stand out and be relished! I stock the bars and mini bites in each of my hand bags and travel bags so I don’t have an excuse to reach out for any unhealthy snack.DSC09549


Where can you buy them?

They are available online on their website as well as scootsy, zomato, shophop, place of origin and tbhfoods. Also available at a hosts of general and medical stores across Mumbai. Don’t expect them to be as cheap as your regular chocolate bars, after all maida and sugar is cheap and how! Remember, these are made of all natural nutritionally rich ingredients and are preservative free. All of their products are handcrafted and prepared in small batches. Every penny spent on these is totally worth it.

Wholesomely yours,

The Lyrical Momma.

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