Weaning and the food journey beyond made easier.


Hoping all is well with each person reading this. Even if not, don’t lose heart, for something nice is what’s planned next by the almighty. As for me, I am feeling lighter after that gym session yesterday and in that high of happy hormones just finished half a packet of some junk maida biscuits and now I feel crap about it. I think the only solution is to keep the house free from all of these biscuits and only stock healthier options to keep fitness on track. But honestly, there are very few brands making actual healthy biscuits and snacks . Luckily I stumbled upon YAAZHFOODS that ticks off all qualities on my list of ‘must haves’ in baby food.

They have a wide variety of cookies, dry fruit powders and cereal mixes that are homemade, organic, preservative free, without artificial flavours, non-GMO, whole and made with simple ingredients. It was founded by parents & grandparents on the belief that little ones deserve the very best food from the very first bite. Isn’t that the foremost thought all of us as parents have?

Good to know:

  • They don’t stock or shelf anything. Everything is made only when you place an order, so that it reaches you fresh, literally from their kitchen to your babies bowl.
  • It’s a family run business. The raw materials are bought from nearby organic stores.
  • Each one of the varied ingredients is soaked separately, allowed to sprout, then dried under the sun and roasted individually as each ingredient roasts at a different temperature. A powder mix is made of all these special ingredients. So it takes around 5 to 7 days for overall processing. So much thought and love 🙂

Products I tried:

I tried three of their products, each nutritionally competing with the other. I loved the cookies the most because they are my tea time buddies. And I don’t feel guilty about having them ( Like yesterday when I ran out of these cookies and binged on those maida and sugar biscuits).

〉 The Ragi cookies are made of ragi flour, whole wheat flour, butter, salt, organic jaggery, cashew,nutmeg powder. I wouldn’t say they taste extremely delicious but say moderately delicious! Me and my daughter finished them in 2  days! I was so so happy to see my little girl enjoy a cookie that was maida free!

 Here we are, bonding over some delicious and healthy cookies!DSC08941

〉 The Dry Fruits Powder is an excellent addition to any kind of meal for babies and us. And to think of it, I think it is such a great option to add the nutrition of dry fruits to the meals for our golden agers who may not be enjoying whole dry fruits anymore. For your toddlers (dry fruits shouldn’t be given to babies below 1 year) you may add them in their meals, smoothies, milk , porridges etc. This one is a mix of cashew, almond, pista, some roasted gram,nutmeg, pinch of turmeric and cardamom.


                  That’s some dry fruit powder mixed in a smoothie!Tempting much ?DSC09014


〉 The Sprouted 5 Cereal Mix is such a great option to start with post 7 months of age. Made of sprouted green gram, sprouted black gram , sprouted ragi, roasted gram, red poha , and almond, it is simple to prepare  by cooking  in some water and adding pureed fruits for sweetness. A great way to provide the benefits of all these ingredients in addition to getting babies used to the taste of varied cereals. Can also be added to Idli batter, chapati or milk.


       The dark brown powder is the cereal mix that I mixed with wholewheat flour.DSC09195DSC09192

I added them to chapatis and we all loved it! Not only was the roti tastier, it was also more filling and I was so happy to know that my baby got the nutrition of not just wholewheat flour but so much more!

Please take note that YAAZHFOODS will be soon re -branding as NUTRII BOWL to fill your baby’s bowl with wholesome goodness . Do give their products a try and let me know in the comments here what you liked the best so I can try that the next time.

Nutritionally yours,

The Lyrical Momma (MARIA)

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