Travelling with your toddler this holiday season? Here are 10 tips to do it the best way!

1.BOOK SMART: If you are travelling by flight, book the seats next to the emergency exits to get more leg room (you may have to pay extra for that though). If travelling by train, please book the lower and middle berths.

Please don’t compromise on the hotel you book. In all probabilities, either parent may choose at times to just stay back at the hotel while the other is out so choose one which has a good amount of in-house activities /entertainment options. Also, book a hotel closer to the malls or shopping centres so that the ladies are happy!

2.PACK SMART: You got to start right from the packing. Keep a separate mini suitcase or bag for your baby. Keep a large empty cloth / plastic bag in it to store soiled clothes and socks if you don’t plan to wash clothes during your trip. Also keep shoes in a separate bag and avoid the temptation to keep many shoes. Just keep a pair or two of smart yet practical shoes. Double check the kind of weather you may experience at the destination because you don’t want to buy new summery clothes there and have a suitcase full of heavy winter wear! If you plan to take a dip somewhere, pack your swimwear and accessories!

3.PREPARE A ‘MUST BUY’ LIST: Time to put internet to some good use. Google and speak to friends/relatives to find out best places to visit , best shopping centres and must buys from your place of destination. Also read reviews of those places and goods( read baby stuff/electronics /makeup) and prepare your must buy list.

4.TRAVEL BOX: Make a big pouch or box that should include some dry snacks( Dry fruits, healthy cookies, vitamin gummies(better than candies) ,cheese cubes etc. Also include some colour pens, small notepad, a few blocks, favourite toy, story book etc to keep your child entertained for sometime ( I know keeping them entertained and busy throughout is impossible!)

5.DRESS SMART: Not only the kid but you too please! Wear comfortable clothes on the trip specially during the travel because the least you want is a toddler pulling you at one hand and a tasselled dupatta stuck somewhere at the other end. Wear fuss free yet stylish clothes!

Avoid dressing your kid in rompers/jumpsuits which close at the crotch because checking if nature called upon them becomes one task!

6.WHEN IN ROME, DO AS THE ROMANS: Depending on the weather, learn to taste new local foods at the destination. For example in this season where it will be winter at most places, try local winter special sweets and dry fruits! Develop your baby’s palette by getting him/her to taste different food.

7.KEEP YOUR ‘FOOD SAVIOUR’ OPTIONS READY: No matter how much you google and hear prasies about the food in a particular country( International travel) , there are high chances you may not like the food at all! It happened with us in TURKEY where we hardly liked the food as well as in THAILAND where finding halal and tasty food was difficult! So always keep a list of where you can find say a KFC or DOMINOS ( Any restaurant /café chain that you trust) so that you don’t end up travelling miles with a hungry toddler to find one.

8.DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THE STROLLER: Please don’t think that you will manage to carry the child and will take turns. Remember it’s a toddler we are speaking of! On my last trip, my girl just didn’t want to leave me at all and I didn’t have my stroller so you can imagine the state of my back and arms! If you wear your baby , a carrier will do great too. So please take the pain to carry either of the two.

9.BE PREPARED : A trip with a toddler may not always go as expected. You may have to strike off a few ‘Must dos/Must Haves’. Stay calm. Enjoy whatever you manage. Cherish the memories you create as a family, ( or even if it’s only you and your child) , bask in the love.

10.CLEAR MEMORY TO CREATE MORE MEMORIES! Don’t forget to clear your cellphones /cameras of unwanted memories and create enough space ( probably carry an extra memory card) to capture all the beautiful moments!

Hope you found these tips that I gathered from my personal experiences useful. Post baby, I come back from vacations SUPER TIRED but when I look back at the pictures, it is all worth it 🙂

What’s been your experience of vacationing post baby?Have things changed for you? Please do share.

2 thoughts on “Travelling with your toddler this holiday season? Here are 10 tips to do it the best way!

  1. These are some great tips for any parent traveling with their kids this festive season. Without refering these, I am sure it is going to become more difficult to handle kids at the destination or may be even when we are travelling 🙂


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