SALT ESCAPE, Mumbai. Worth it’s SALT?

From the outside, this place does not give you a slight hint of the wonders it contains. ‘Less is more, we believe’, says the lively Kamal as she guides us through the entire place. The contemporary interiors with neutral tones are tastefully done and the place is impeccably clean. We are made to wear our hair and feet covers and shown the three therapy rooms.

You have the adult room, which is kept simple and dimly lit, which lends to it a calm and relaxing feel. Then you have a private room which can house two people to enjoy a session all by themselves. The third is the room I chose, the kids room, which is a vibrant room fully equipped to keep your little one busy for that hour long session. It has chairs for adults and kids, along with a little tent house and a crawling tunnel for the kids on active mode. What brought a smile to my face was the little library with a wide variety of books for kids of all ages. All the rooms are well stocked with mineral water bottles, magazines and tissues. Every need of yours is taken care of and you will only have to step out in case you need to use the washroom which is luxuriously spotless.






All you now have to do is sit back and relax! You will now feel a faint salty taste in your mouth as that is what you have begun to inhale. The salt rooms are equipped with top of the line halogenerators which disperse rock salt into the rooms. The salt aerosol particles (released as a fine spray) that you inhale , work their way into the deepest parts of your lungs thus allowing you to breathe easier. In the case of skin conditions, there is nothing more to be done than expose the skin to the salt that is being dispersed into the room. Depending on the respiratory/ skin condition you want to treat, you may have to take a number of sessions . You can read, listen to music on your headphones ,play with your little ones in the tonnes of salt on the floor or simple enjoy a nap. Time was up before I even knew it and I wished I had an extra hour in hand to continue the therapy. We were then served some fresh green tea which added to the whole spa experience. You also have an array of rock salt products to shop from including lamps, salad bowls, soaps, bath salt and lots more!


Immediately after the session, I could feel an improvement in my breathing. The nasal passage seemed to have cleared and the remnant mucus of my last cold actually got discharged by evening.

I am definitely taking my child there again to treat common cold and cough and also maybe to treat my ear infection. The best part about it is that it is completely natural and safe and the kids won’t even know they are being treated! Salt Escape is definitely a spa like no other and it makes for an ideal place for a fun date with your friends or spouse. It is a perfect play date venue as it provides visual and tactile simulation. SALT ESCAPE is definitely worth their salt!
As for the price, a single session starts from Rupees 1400 and there are many packages on offer throughout the year. You can visit their website at or call them at 022 22690034/35 to know more.
And if you wish to try it out, here is an exciting offer. Visit SALT ESCAPE and use my CODE: ‘LYRICALMOMMA’ to avail a 10 % off on a single session or packages (except the special offers which are already discounted). Offer valid till 1st DECEMBER 2017.

Are you looking forward to a session of this salt therapy?Have you had any unique spa experience? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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