Review: ‘Fig-O-Honey’ pocket cloth diaper.

As a first time mother to be, I never understood all the ballyhoo over diapering. Yet, not be left out on anything, I went to all the baby shops I could locate in my vicinity and beyond, and bought all sorts of fancy cloth diapers in all the various possible colours ,the super soft organic ones, the regular cotton ones,the one with that tacky plastic on the outside, the double layered ones ,the small, the medium ,you name it I bought it. And then baby Hanifa was born and all of this took a long vacation as in the hospital they used … yes, a disposable diaper. A diaper of a brand I didn’t even know existed. The nurse would clean Hanifa’s tiny bum and strap on that thing. Wow. So simple. And who minds simple easy work, not a new sleep deprived mother for sure! And so began the diaper journey with Pampers at home. But I am not done as a mother yet.

I kept on switching to the cloth diapers I had bought with so much love and weight (I was a walking human elephant that time). And then with all the stuff Google throws at your face everyday, I came across fancy pocket cloth diapers with a cloth inner side, a polyester outside and absorbent liners to be inserted in the pockets inside them.

Now you’ll wonder why I didn’t buy them when I boasted of buying all sorts of diapers. Reason one, I didn’t see them in the shops I went to (now I do), secondly and most importantly, I was apprehensive of how far the elastic at the leg opening would dig into my baby’s soft skin. But Fig-O-Honey helped clear all my doubts when they sent in their pocket diaper and wet&dry diaper bag for review.

All you need to know about FIG-O-HONEY:

“Fig-O-Honey cloth diapers are eco-friendly, reusable, gentler on the baby’s skin and gentler on the environment. We are passionate about cloth diapering and believe in keeping cloth diapering accessible and affordable by providing world class, high quality products at unbeatable prices.”

Fig-O-Honey cloth diaper:

“Fig-o-honey one-size pocket diapers are reusable, eco-friendly, affordable and include one cloth diaper and an absorbent insert. They’re waterproof, washable and the adjustable snap buttons allow the diaper to be adjusted to a growing baby, from a newborn to a toddler.  Includes 1 cloth diaper + 1 absorbent insert – Suitable for babies from 4.5 kg up to 15 kg – Adjustable snap buttons for S/M/L sizes – Waterproof, machine & hand washable, breathable – Comfortable elastic on the leg sides – Crossover snap buttons for smaller babies – Hip snap buttons to prevent wing droop.”

Materials:– Outer printed layer: Polyester with waterproof and breathable TPU
– Inner layer: Soft micro suede that wicks moisture away and keeps the baby’s                        bottom dry and is stain-resistant.
– Insert: Absorbent 3-layer microfibertextgram_1502697345

I am reviewing the ‘Cats in Hats’ print. You can choose from over 21 prints in these. Now that’s some choice! For somebody picky like me, it’s wonderful to have so many print options and trust me, you’ll have a tough time deciding what not to choose.

It’s a beautiful diaper in the most quirkiest print. This print is perfect for my Hanifa because she loves loves loves cats .I had given another brand a try earlier but she refused to even put them on but putting this on her was not at all difficult ,maybe it was the super cute MAO (Cat) that helped.What amazed me what followed next. Once I put the diaper on Hanifa she happily got into play mode and was comfortable in it for a good 2 to 3 hours . In  fact,after I gave her a bath, she insisted on wearing it again !That’s when the mother in me totally approved of it. I can safely say it easily absorbs two to three wettings. And I kept checking her thighs and voila! Not a single elastic pressure mark. Full points there!

The outside polyester, the inner side suede ,the microfiber insert are all extremely soft and breathable.With so many adjustable snap buttons, any child is bound to find his/her right fit .

Fig-O-Honey Wet and Dry Bag:

Fig-o-honey wet and dry bags are a convenient way to store used cloth diapers on the go. Each bag contains two sections – a wet waterproof section and a zippered dry section. It comes with a loop handle for easy carrying. Keep your diapers in one bag, while keeping the dry and soiled diapers separate. The wet/dry bags are also great for storing wet swim clothes.

I was sent the ‘Dinosaur’ print .The bag is pretty spacious and can easily carry 2 diapers in each of the dry and wet sections. The finish of this one was not as good as the diapers but I don’t think that’s a major flaw as it’s after all just a wet and dry bag.

The ‘WOW’

♥ The diaper is excellent at it’s job and keeps baby dry and happy for a good 2-3 hours.

♥ The quality and prints are undoubtedly good.

♥ As compared to some other cloth diapers in the market , Fig-O-Honey is reasonably priced.  The diapers cost Rs 499 and the wet and dry bag Rs 599.

♥Their website is pretty informative along with an FAQ section to answer all your queries.

The ‘Uh-Oh’–    

¡ The finish of the Wet and Dry bag can be improved upon.

¡ The bag is a little pricey at Rs 599.

♦Overall, it’s a promising brand and you should give it a try.Just like me, you can have a minimum of 2 -4 hours of cloth diaper wearing for your baby even if you wish to keep the disposable diapers on for the remaining time. It definitely is a good investment. Definitely a good choice for your baby.

Head to their website now to get Rs 100 off on your first order using the code FIRST100 ♦

Let me know in the comment section if you have tried cloth diapers on your baby or how many pocket diapers do you cloth diapering mommies have in your collection!

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