The shampoo that cost me an arm and a leg-Literally!

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Yes. It did.
How, you ask? Because not only did I walk miles in Dubai Mall to get to the Bloomingdales Store to purchase Rahua (pronounced as Rah-waa) , but all of this holding Baby Hanifa in my arms, as she just refuses to rest her bum in a pram !
Let’s start the review with the good part. It claims to give you nice bouncy weightless hair. Oh yeah, it did make me feel weightless as it emptied a good 210 Dirhams (Around 4000 Indian Rupees) from my wallet. Can you feel any lighter with zero money left in your purse? As for the hair, never mind, no bouncy hair there but weightless again for sure if I continued using it and lost most part of my hair due to all the stressing out because a 4000 rupees shampoo let you down.

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It also claims to strengthen hair and provide a mood – calming experience. Hair strengthening I am not pretty sure of, but yes it does give a luxurious aromatherapy bath experience with a beautiful blend of a citrusy and nutty fragrance.
To sum it all up:
♦ I had read great reviews of this shampoo and thought I had found some natural little magic potion to treat my damaged hair post all the pregnancy havoc!
♦Instead of hair silky and soft, I would end up with a greasy scalp and slightly moisturized hair.( Would – because I have stopped using it)
♦The packaging is simple yet pretty, with a white label on a sturdy plastic bottle and gold cap.
♦The shampoo is a beautiful gold colour semi thick liquid and has a pleasant fragrance.
It will work for people with extremely dry scalp.
♦ Good for those who use only organic / vegan stuff as this is a lovely mix of many wonderful ingredients.
♦ Proves that expensive is not always the best! Rupees 4000 for 275 ml of shampoo.
(Stop calculating what all one could have done with that money )
Is it worth a buy?
Also, this was the first time I went to a mall and didn’t buy anything for my baby. Not at all worth it 🙂

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Here is some more product information from the Rahua website:

Our Rahua® Classic Shampoo is rich with the restorative qualities of rare Amazonian ingredients, sustainably sourced and specially formulated to revitalize your hair.

Gentle enough for all hair types, this shampoo leaves locks luminous and soft by imparting omega-9 packed rahua oil and other all-natural, plant-derived nutrients.

Naturally scented from the lightly fragrant oils of palo santo wood.


– Daily use for stronger hair and healthier scalp.

– Helps maintain a healthy scalp.

– Protects and silkens hair from root to tip.


RAHUA OIL: fortifies weak, damaged strands while nourishing and preserving scalp and hair follicle health

PALO SANTO OIL: known as “holy wood” and precious to Amazonian shamans, the essence of palo santo is Rahua’s signature scent. Offering a sophisticated, earthy aroma all while providing a soothing aromatherapy experience

QUINOA: gluten-free super-food that revitalizes hair and promotes healing and moisture retention

COCONUT AND SHEA BUTTER BETAINES: safely, gently and effectively removes oil and dirt without depleting necessary nutrients and moisture

And if you would like to see the elaborate process of acquiring and making of Rahua, watch the video below:

♥Let me know which shampoos work for you in the comments below!♥

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