End of Season’s SANE


“Please drive fast Lakhan, I need to get there soon for something very important.”

The speedometer rises from 40 km/hr to 60km/hr.

“Damn these heels. I am not wearing them the next time I have to get somewhere important.”


At this point, my speed can give tough competition to even a Michael Schumacher. I begin skimming through all the untidy racks that have already been skimmed a zillion times before me. Or maybe just a few thousand times as I try not to waste many days post that ‘END of SEASON SALE’ advertisement to visit the stores.

I can’t wait to have touched all the clothes with my itchy fingers. Even those sections of clothes that I find unappealing or those I wouldn’t ever wear, just in case I miss a nice piece  playing hide and seek between them. But mind you, you wouldn’t tell from my face alright. Not so cool to show how badly you wish to have all these clothes at almost half the rates right?  My stride slows down as my heartbeat rises when that girl of medium waist like mine is heading right towards that lonely forlorn rack of clothes displaying that beautiful cover up tunic which I could well use on my next vacation to Goa. Huh! They don’t really know all the reasons behind high blood pressure I tell you.  And also behind good health, because in case I get to lay my hands on that piece, my happiness knows no bounds but if  that medium waist girl got luckier, then God save the next person trying to slow me down when I am on my way towards the next best garment that I eye.

I can confess that the medium waist lucky girl has not left my thoughts yet. I am secretly wishing that she has devoured two full ice creams in the past week and doesn’t fit into that garment anymore and I still have my chances of being it’s proud owner.

And after the day’s workout of carrying dozens of clothes and trying them, I come back home with the best four pieces as the rest were either too tight at the butt or so loose that they could host me and the medium waist girl together. After each such session I feel guilty and arrive at the conclusion that it’s not at all worth it and that it was my last time of going shopping crazy. And it is. Until the next Season’s SALE!

14 thoughts on “End of Season’s SANE

  1. Super piece of words put together just rightly to nail every woman’s thought process during the Eoss. Loved the title too, extremely catchy words and realistic examples.

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  2. Well written lyrical mommy!!!sale fever is really making insane…last year had a terrible show down at esbeda…ppl were screeching,scratching,fighting.The feel was like as if u have entered a war zone.

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