How about getting attuned to our babies using the power of touch?

Amongst the zillion things on the baby prep list of an excited Indian ‘mom to be’ tops the need for a ‘maalish wali’ for our babies. Do we really need a maalishwali for our babies ? I don’t think so! What we do need is a massage class with a well researched team like Keola Wellness. Take my word on this as a mother of two girls who practices gentle /attachment parenting and will only recommend the best to anyone. Like many other Indian mothers, I too outsourced help to massage my elder daughter and don’t have many memories of bonding over massage time, that connection over gliding hands on her tiny body, or catching the gleam in her eyes on a preferred stroke. I am glad I took these classes and had one worry off my head when my second daughter was born.

Infant oil massage is a highly prevalent traditional practice in India( and now all over the world) but remains less studied. Clear guidance on the use of massage, choice of oil, and techniques for application is required to optimize benefits and minimize risks associated with wrong practices. I was rather pleased to find this wonderful team at Keola Wellness in my city Mumbai, who have studied the art of massage in depth and curated this beautiful course spread over a few classes that take you right from the science backing benefits of baby massage , to the various strokes, appropriate oils and the correct time and duration to massage one’s baby. The best part is that the classes are now online and you can learn from any part of the globe! In my opinion, it makes for the perfect gift for parents to be or new parents!

Let’s try answering the two main questions that always come to mind as millennial mothers with regards to baby massage:

Q. Do babies really benefit from massages?

Yes, in more than one way! Massage in babies, with and without oils, has been researched and several benefits have been reported. These include parameters such as improved digestion resulting in weight and height gain. Massage can also help in the following ways:

  • Can support baby in falling asleep easier and sleeping more deeply.
  • Can help baby with weight gain. I vouch for this one! When my daughter’s weight gain dipped, I became consistent with her massages and witnessed a quicker growth rate on the scales.
  • Stimulates baby’s nervous system.
  • Tummy time can be combined with massage for young babies.
  • Can help relief discomfort caused by teething, colic and gas. On days when my baby is fussy and I can’t figure out why, I simply give her a quick massage and she instantly calms down.
  • Can help baby feel safe and loved.
  • Help relax the massage giving parent/family member. Mothers who massaged their babies have reported less symptoms of depression.
  • It is also a very nurturing experience for new fathers to massage their babies and benefit from it themselves. It provides an opportunity for the father to bond and interact with their infant while reducing the mother’s and the infant’s stress at the same time become more emotionally expressive with their child.
  • But the most important benefit is that massage time can be a wonderful bonding time for baby and the mother/father/grandparent and for the family as a whole. For sure you don’t want to pass on this precious bonding opportunity to an outsider!
Massage helps in removing metabolic wastes and toxins more efficiently thereby increasing muscular strength.

Q. Can I massage my baby all by myself ?

Of course you can! All you need is to get equipped with the correct knowledge and dive into this beautiful practice right away. Learning this therapeutic art will make you a confident parent and you can enjoy this rewarding experience with your babies for as long you can. Post my sessions with Keola Wellness, I tried the massage strokes on my 5 year old and she loved it! To say that I enjoyed the same would be an understatement .It is also a delight to watch my elder daughter take effort to bond with her younger sibling during massage time.

When I first enrolled for the class, I had least imagined that it would be such an enriching experience. The course instructor , Mrs Jyoti Devjani, with her encaptivating aura holds your attention throughout the well researched theory, thought provoking video clippings and practical sessions. Not only do you feel a sense of connect with the mothers participating in the course as you exchange views on various inspiring topics , you also take back all that positive energy to your precious little one. They also bust quite a few myths surrounding infant massage and you definitely feel confident to massage your baby all by yourself. The team is ever ready to whole heartedly answer any query you have and in fact offer you to join in for any future sessions too if you require a quick recap of all that you learn during the course spread over 4 to 5 sessions.

A little about the founders of Keola Wellness.

Mrs Jyoti Devjani started her career in 1989 in a healthcare & pharmaceutical company manufacturing baby & pregnancy skincare products. She worked with international massage experts, parents, gynecologists & pediatricians to develop protocols for baby & pregnancy massage. She worked to promote the benefits of baby & pregnancy massage to families and now lives in Mumbai, India, working to integrate massage into urban lifestyles & promote education & standardization in the field of massage therapy.

Mrs Jyoti is a Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist, Certified Infant Massage Instructor ( International Association of Infant Massage) , Prenatal Massage Therapist, Certified Aromatherapist, Massage & Spa Therapy Trainer, Educator & Consultant. Phew! All I can say is, one is certainly learning from the best!

Mrs.Alpa is a microbiologist and education consultant by experience, with a passion for early childhood development and education. She believes that attention to the holistic development of a child early in life, addressing their social, emotional, cognitive and physical needs, will build a solid foundation for lifelong well being. Besides good nutrition & health, consistent loving care and encouragement in the early years of life help children to be healthier, do better and participate more in society as they grow. Impassioned by her beliefs, Mrs Alpa coordinates and organises the classes at Keola.

Me trying one of the foot massage strokes on my little one.

The holistic approach with which the course is developed is commendable and it is evident that a lot of love, passion and genuineness has gone into it. Thanks to the course I now confidently massage my little girl and look forward to the massage time daily as the hustle bustle of our daily lives deprives us of any special time with our growing babies. Each day, I steal her away from everyone ( except her elder sister for whom it is bonding time too as she lovingly holds a rattle for her or hums a soothing lullaby), and we spend a few minutes gazing into each other’s eyes letting the magic of touch relax at the same time connect us. It is amazing how massage can be simple yet so powerful. I hope you experience this joy soon!

My 5 year old bonding with her little sibling minutes before her massage session.

You may get in touch with the founders of Keola Wellness on the following numbers.

Mrs Jyoti Devjani at +919967104913

Mrs Alpa Zaveri at +919773066557

Alternatively, drop them a message on their Instagram page ‘Keola Wellness’.

Happy massaging!


Instil responsibility in your child & get things done by making their own ‘Task chart’.

Hello after months!

I have to admit maintaining your own blog is not an easy feat and I find it really tough to take time out to write here. Honestly, maybe I can do it if I really want to, but I always feel there are other things that have priority in my life at this stage, than using my time to write here . In fact, it’s time for my blog renewal and I am in two minds about continuing with it. Instagram serves as a good platform for quick content but I am still considering renewal, so let’s see!

Coming to today’s DIY , I am not too big a fan of DIY. I do things myself only if I feel they need that personalisation or if it’s worth saving on that particular object/project. And this DIY task chart served both so here you go.

Why make this chart?

I came across a few similar chore/task charts on social media and liked the idea of having a task chart where the kid and the parent could see the ‘to do ‘ list for the day and go about putting them in the ‘done’ section , I thought it would really help with procrastination as well as make the child happily want to do those tasks and come back to put them under ‘done’.  You will mostly find people using cookie trays for this but I came up with something more functional and minimalistic. Also, there are a few brands that also make such charts for you but I feel they are too small, with very general tasks which may not be applicable to all kids and they are pretty expensive!

How do you make the task chart?

You will need the following things:

  1. A magnetic sheet that’s adhesive on the other side. ( From Amazon)
  2. A packet of magnets in small size.
  3. A decorative tape.
  4. Alphabet stickers.
  5. Fevi kwik.
  6. A colour print out of the tasks you choose for your child.
  7. A place to get that sheet laminated and cut.


Step 1: Order the magnetic sheet or buy it from a local store if you know where you can get one. When this arrives, put it up by sticking it on a wall accessible to your kid and also at a spot that’s within sight easily through the day. Divide the sheet into 2 halves and label them as ‘To do’ and ‘Done’ using the alphabet stickers.


Step 2: Make a list of all the tasks you wish to be done by your kid in the day. I used ‘Microsoft word’ to create this and added appropriate pictures to each task as kids love pictures and my little one can’t read yet.

Step 3: Take a print out of the tasks and get them laminated and cut into square shapes. Using fevi kwik, stick a magnet to each of these task cutouts.

Step 4. Done. Put these tasks in the ‘ to do ‘ section and watch your kid complete each chore and put them under ‘ done’ excitedly. You will have to help them for the first few attempts as well as remind them each day to use them.





My daughter immediately got her blanket, folded it and kept it at it’s place. She then went on to keep her toys back in their place and was really excited to complete each task. Kids love to be given responsibility and take pleasure in the sense of achievement after each task goes in the ‘done’ section 🙂

The best part about making your own chart is you can keep updating the tasks as per your family’s current needs and keep personalising them. The whole project cost me around  Rs 460 which isn’t bad at all. I intend to make one for myself too!

The tasks I chose for my daughter are as following. You can take ideas from these and add your own too!

  1. Brush in the morning.
  2. Brush at night.
  3. Keep toys away.
  4. Fold blanket/ clothes.
  5. Eat one meal yourself.
  6. Eat 2 fruits.
  7. Arabic/Islam time.
  8. Take a bath
  9. Outdoor playtime.
  10. Reading time.

Word of caution: Fevi kwik ka jod sambhalke please!


Let me know if you have any queries in the comments section. Also, tell me what tasks would you put on your kid’s chart!


Healthy weight loss tips and tricks I learnt from my consultations with 4 nutritionists!

A post on how I dealt with pregnancy weight is one I have been meaning to write since the longest time. Thanks to ‘Get Fit Stay Fit with Bonhappetee blog chain’ introduced to me by Mandavi from anurbannomadic, I finally decided to share some ideas  that most nutritionists share on healthy weight loss. I have been to 4 to 5 nutritionists and found that it is these tricks that always work. 

  1. Start your day with warm water : You may choose to flavour it with lemon, cinnamon, or cumin, all of which aid in keeping the stomach clean.
  2. Your 3 main meals must be balanced: In simple words, each meal should consist of carbs (chapati or rice), proteins ( pulses, chicken/fish/ curd) and fibre(vegetables). Carb less diet, keto diet , blah blah diet doesn’t work!
  3. Portion control is inevitable: Go get those simple measuring cups and stick to only 1 bowl (200ml) or 1 katori (100 ml), – depending on your goal and journey- of each of the 3 components (carbs, fibre and protein). It is difficult when you begin and you might feel slightly hungry, but 2 days and your body gets used to the new portion size.
  4.  Even if you can’t plan your main meals, PLAN YOUR SNACKS! : For the simple reason that it is easier to find a balanced meal in any restaurant by making the right choices but very difficult to find the right healthy snack and in those peak hunger hours we tend to reach for anything that’s easily available. So MAKE THE RIGHT SNACK ITEMS AVAILABLE for yourself. Example : Carrot sticks with hummus, a fruit, non flavoured yoghurt with walnuts or raisins, dry bhel, roasted makhana, khakra etc.
  5.  Don’t underestimate the power of daily tasks involving movement! You climbed a good flight of stairs, you taught your child how to swim, you hid behind the chair repeatedly only to be caught by a toddler, you danced with the child, you deep cleaned a section of your  house, all of this is exercise! So feel good that you did something and try to add to the overall calories burnt by adding some more if needed so that the body gets at least a good 45 minutes of movement. So if you cleaned the house for say 30 minutes and were almost about to sweat, walk inside the house for another 10 minutes and then head for a shower!
  6.  Don’t suddenly give up your favourite treat: Of course if it is gobbling down 2 pieces of cake in a week then you should cut it down gradually, but say you are a biscuit addict (like me), just cut down the number.No harm in having it as long as you are eating wisely for most of the day.

Keep faith in your body. It loves you back. Just respect yourself and what you put into it and  make small but important changes in your life and slowly they shall become a way of life.

I hope these tips make sense to you and help you in kick-starting your fitness journey. Please let me know in the comments below if you would like more snack or meal ideas and I would be happy to share whatever I know .

Also, do check out Mayuri’s fitness journey and get further inspired!

I am so glad I am participating in the ‘Get Fit, Stay Fit’ blog party with Bon Happetee!Get-Fit-E280A8Stay-Fit

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The answer to your unresolved health issues may be just right here!

“I wake up tired each day.”

“I am so exhausted by mid-day, I think I need to start taking some multi vitamin”

“You give me so much stress that I now have hairfall that I never had”

“Please go away, I don’t wish to talk, you are irritating me!”

“I exercise and try to be active, also keep a watch on my food intake, tried it all but still I don’t lose any weight!”

Not unheard right? This is part of a typical conversation most women have with their friends, family and spouse on a daily basis. Continue reading


Artisanal nutrition courtesy Gouri’s Goodies.

20180227_182857‘Energy’ has been the buzz word for quite some time now, right? One can, on a daily basis hear people speaking about feeling low/high on energy and their need for boost in energy levels and so on. Ask a mother and she will share her own biography on ‘Energy’ .In these fast paced times, we look for quick fixes to all these needs and  often reach out to the unhealthy options easily available on the shelves. Some of them may provide us with an instant boost of energy but result in a sluggish us a few hours thenceforth. To add to our misery, we keep reading articles on how we need to stay off anything that’s packed and feel guilty looking at all those stacked packets in our houses.  I do. But let’s face it, however true may that be, it is impossible to entirely eliminate ready to eat foods to serve as snacks. We need them. We all do. If only people in the food industry vowed to do their best to produce and make available the healthiest eating options to us. Ready to eat packaged food should not be a problem if it’s ingredient list is good along with harmless/no preservatives. I am always on the lookout for such brands and have fortunately come across a few in my blogging journey. One such brand is ‘Gouri’s Goodies’. Loving this alliteration. Continue reading


Weaning and the food journey beyond made easier.


Hoping all is well with each person reading this. Even if not, don’t lose heart, for something nice is what’s planned next by the almighty. As for me, I am feeling lighter after that gym session yesterday and in that high of happy hormones just finished half a packet of some junk maida biscuits and now I feel crap about it. I think the only solution is to keep the house free from all of these biscuits and only stock healthier options to keep fitness on track. But honestly, there are very few brands making actual healthy biscuits and snacks . Luckily I stumbled upon YAAZHFOODS that ticks off all qualities on my list of ‘must haves’ in baby food. Continue reading


5 fun ways to keep your toddler busy!

If you are reading this right now you are most probably a mother.A tired , sleep deprived mother(or even a father-your wife is a lucky woman I tell you), who has tried everything and is here to find if there is anything new that you can try to get that active toddler busy and tired.So no other talks and let’s get straight to the things that you can try!


Most of these little humans post crossing 18 months milestone love to get things their way.They love being in control too and as they grow older they enjoy taking responsibilities. ROLE PLAYING is Continue reading



All of us (Well, most of us) strive to do well in whatever we do in our lives. I think I am also one of them. Even if I may not be consciously and evidently putting in a lot of effort in the task in hand, subconsciously I am doing my best! Here’s proof!

  1. I was part of my school annual shows each year, be it dancing or group choir or part of drama, I was on stage! (unlike today , back then there were a minimum 35 to 42 children in each class, so not everyone was on stage !


    And the dance drama continues till date!

  2. Post B.A , I was confused between pursuing HRM and B.Ed. So I did both! I would attend the B.Ed classes from morning to evening and from evening to night I was at the Post Graduate Human Resource Management classes. Not only did I survive all the tedious projects both courses demanded, I scored the highest marks in practise teaching in my B.Ed batch at ST. Xavier’s and stood 2ND RANK  in my PGDHRM course 😀 



  3. I won the BABBER SHER contest held by Radio City, Mumbai in the year 2010. I was called to their radio station after I won many levels of creative one liners from entries all over Mumbai and beat the other finalist on live radio becoming the BABBER SHERNI! So I proved that SHERNIS are as good as SHERS 🙂
  4. I won an all India slogan writing contest held by Pepsi .( Maybe I should have been a copywriter in life?)                                                                                                              My slogan was chosen the best from amongst lakhs of entries. I was most excited about meeting Ranbir Kapoor than anything else! I appeared on IPL EXTRA INNINGS TV show with Ranbir Kapoor and Gaurav Kapur.307758_2435535364462_1210885380_n296759_2435120794098_1265967676_n (1)293696_2435538204533_681211177_n
  5. I left my job as a teacher at a reputed South Mumbai School because they didn’t give me a 10 day leave to prepare for my M.A in English Literature Exam. Not only did I pass with flying colours but I also helped a friend clear these exams by helping her with my notes and explanation when English was her least favourite subject!
  6. I believe I made a difference in the life of  thousands of little souls during my teaching  stint of around 7 years. There is no love as pure as that of children and I am grateful I received so much of it!55581_1594085728747_425988_o10844889_472493519558206_1301470032_o
  7. I gained over 25 kgs during pregnancy and knocked the post delivery 17 kgs over a period of 2 years! Full post on this some day.
  8. I managed to complete this post with a toddler at home! Phew!

Apart from this of course, there are many important satisfying roles that we play in our daily lives that give us immense pleasure and a sense of achievement with the results our efforts yield. What would you put as your top achievements in life? Do share!


Tighten up your home’s security with Godrej Locking Solutions and systems.

Ever since I attended this event part of the ‘HowSafeAreYou ‘ campaign launched by GODREJ LOCKING SOLUTIONS &SYSTEMS, my home security has been on my mind. I could totally relate to the common consumer mentality of ‘getting any good lock’ to secure my house. But as we were narrated stories of how houses are broken into and various modus operandi of thieves, I realized I too needed to tighten up my house’s security and I am doing that very soon!(Hoping no burglar is reading this!) Continue reading